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Floride Removal PlantRemoval of Fluoride from the ground water to make the water Portable. It is mainly a rural solution. Based on Electrolysis.

Construction :

FRP (Fiberglass re-enforced Plastic) tank where the electrolysis takes place
Dual media filter to filter away the impurities and coagulates arising from the electrolyser tank.

Advantages of Electrolytic Defluoridation :
EDF Schematic :

EDF Schematic

EDF Vs Conventional Methods
Parameters Chemical Precipitation Activated AluminaAdsorption R.O. EDF
Efficiency Lowest Low Very High Very High (Almost 100%)
Treatment Cost / M3 10-12 10-14 60 6-8
Treatment Time 2-4 Hrs Very Slow Flow Continuous 30 Min
Water Recovery High High 50 - 60% Very High
Regeneration / Maintenance Not Required Regeneration + Backwash Requires High Maintenance Not Required
Man Power Requires Manpower Requires Manpower Skilled Manpower Negligible Manpower
Sludge Maximum High High Lowest