» Nano Tech based Arsenic Removal Plants

Nano Tech based Arsenic Removal PlantsFor over 15 years, a lot of research has been done to make a material that can give people living in rural Indian communities safe drinking water. A product that is not just durable and easy to use but also cost effective. HAIX is the result of research that has successfully proven to keep people safe from arsenic, fluoride, nitrate, phosphate and uranium.

Activated Alumina

  • Cannot meet 10 ppb As standard
  • Weak material - degrades during regeneration
  • Very low capacity for As (III)
  • Fouled by silica


  • Use internationally to achieve 10 ppb As
  • Can be used for > 5 cycles of regeneration
  • Similar capacity for As(V) and As (III)
  • Process designed to avoid silica fouling

Nano Tech based Arsenic Removal Plants