Building the Future of Clean Water

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Objective and Vision

At RITEWATER, corporate social responsibility is not merely a matter of an obligation to be fulfilled or an account to be presented to society. We firmly believe that we are indebted to society for our existence, survival, and success. We have experienced that we have an invisible bond with society. This bond inevitably leads us to a natural relationship of empathy. It impels the corporation to understand and appreciate social issues and problems. It results in our being part and parcel of the society’s progression through the process of inclusive growth. We continually search for innovative ways and means of creating a bridge between the corporation’s objectives and social priorities. This process has enlightened us with the grassroots realities. The more we realize this, the more determined we become to evolve a creative partnership between the corporate growth process and its impact on society. The company always believed that rural development is key to nation-building.

We have put in place a culture which looks at a business proposition from these angles:

Whether the corporation will produce an article or service which would satisfy a desirable social need,

whether the project would impact the environment in a positive way,

whether the business would help foster conservation of natural resources and through that promote food security,and

whether it would provide for an inclusive growth.

We are, therefore, committed to a sustainable model – through partnership and value addition, which leads to an increase in value not only for shareholders but also for other stakeholders including the consumers, suppliers, business partners, and the community at large. Each of our businesses is socially impacted and in turn, favorably impacts the society and the environment. Together, this relationship results in the harmonious co-existence of a symbiotically sustainable business, society, and environment. This Policy has been formulated and recommended by the CSR Committee to the Board of Directors of the Company and was duly adopted by the Board. This Policy lays down the primary vision of the Company with regard to its CSR activities. The Company may change this Policy from time to time in accordance with law and in accordance with the needs of the Company.

Scope and Definition

CSR committee

Present Corporate Social Responsibility Committee Constituted consist of

Mr. Vinod Gaan


Mr. Vinod Gaan


CSR committee has been formed amongst the Board of Directors. The CSR committee will carry out such functions as prescribed under Section 135 of the Act and the Rules. Generally, the CSR committee shall be responsible for preparing of the CSR policy and recommending the same to the Board. It shall also study prospective CSR Activities/Projects and give suggestion to the Board. It shall also be responsible for implementation/monitoring and review of the CSR policy and various activities/projects undertaken as per the policy. The CSR committee shall submit periodical reports to the Board of Directors as it may deem fit.

CSR Projects, Programs & Activities

The company will carry out CSR activities, projects, and programs on its own as per the procedure established by the law and it will also carry out activities in the local area or areas where the Company operates.

Rural Development Projects

Company undertake projects related to rural development of India generally but more specifically in local area where company operates its major plants. In Particular, it undertake projects in villages which respond well to projects for sustainable development activities related to health and sanitation, education, providing Safe Drinking Water, livelihood empowerment, basic infrastructure, skill and efficiency improvement etc., These activities are tailor made as per the needs of the villages and farmers. The needs can be livelihood, drinking water, infrastructure, education, skill efficiency improvement, health & sanitation etc., though not limited to these. The activities which are create shared value can also be undertaken along the implementing partners as prescribed by law or regulations.

Amrit Gram CSR Project

Rite Water is excited to introduce Amrit Gram™, a ground-breaking concept aimed at creating self-sufficient, self-sustaining, and future-ready model villages in India, to the recipient. This initiative is aligned with the vision of the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, for a utopian golden period in India called “Amrit Kaal.” India’s rural population, which accounts for 65% of the country’s total population, is spread across more than 6 lakh villages and still lacks basic essentials. Rite Water, a leader in providing clean potable water, has been tirelessly working for the past 15 years to address these issues in over 15,000 rural Indian villages