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For more than 10 years, customers have turned to proven solutions from Rite Water that are Transforming Water and Enriching Life every day.

Solution Rural Water

In rural areas where access to safe drinking water is often a significant challenge, we offer a suite of solutions designed for effectiveness and sustainability. Our rural water solutions include decentralized water purification systems, solar-powered water treatment units, and mobile water ATMs. These solutions are designed to be robust, easy to maintain, and capable of treating water from various sources to ensure the safety and health of rural communities.

Urban Water Solution

Urban settings pose their own unique set of water challenges, which our urban water solutions are built to address. We offer advanced water purification systems that cater to the high demand and varied water quality in urban areas. Additionally, we provide smart water ATMs that deliver clean, affordable water 24/7, ensuring that every urban resident has access to safe drinking water at their convenience.

Industrial Water Solution

Industries require clean water in large volumes for various operations, and the water quality needs to meet specific standards. Our industrial water solutions are designed to meet these exacting requirements. We offer a range of industrial water purification and treatment systems that can handle high volumes of water and deliver it to the required standard. Our solutions also include wastewater treatment systems that help industries manage their wastewater responsibly, contributing to environmental sustainability.

At Rite Water Solutions, we are committed to delivering clean, safe drinking water to all corners of the nation, whether it’s a remote village, a bustling city, or an industrial complex. Our tailored solutions ensure that we can meet the unique water needs of every setting, contributing to a healthier and hydrated future.

Our Water Solution Products

Building a better future in a better way

Our primary goal is to develop affordable and environmentally sustainable solutions to ensure access to clean and safe drinking water for communities facing challenges related to biological and chemical contamination of their surface and groundwater sources, thereby contributing to a better future.

Our Investors

Recently, we have been selected for investment by the Water Access Acceleration Fund (W2AF). Based in France, W2AF is the world’s first water-focused fund, managed by Incofin Investment Management in Belgium. The fund boasts of an impressive roster of Limited Partners including Danone, US-DFC, Norfund, IFU, BNP Paribas, and Aqua4All.

Our association with W2AF marks an important milestone as Rite Water Solutions became their first global investment. This support will enable us to scale up our drinking water and climate tech solutions beyond India, particularly in African regions where access to clean drinking water remains a challenge.

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