Water ATM System

About the Solution

Rite Water – Water-ATM is a decentralized community water purification plant based on Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis & Ultra violet technology which takes water from existing borewell or overhead tank available in the village. This high-quality water is made available to consumers at highly affordable rate of 25 paise / litre as compared to bottled water which is sold at ₹10-20/- per ltr

Every household in the village is provided with RFID based Water ATM card and a 20 Ltr can for collecting water. When user taps the card on the system, the unit validates the identity and card balance and dispenses desired quantity of water automatically. This 24 X 7 ATM system ensures that water is available to users round the clock.

The Water-ATM cards can be easily recharged through

smart phone based App.

The user places the card near the smartphone

The app will identify the card

recharge amount is entered in app

card is recharged.

To ensure accountability, online monitoring system is implemented through which all the important parameters like plant run time, water quality and flow rate are monitored through GSM based system on hourly basis.

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