Reverse Osmosis Systems

About the Solution

We manufacture all types of reverse osmosis systems ranging from Commercial to Industrial Purification systems.Reverse Osmosis systems are membrane technology based filtration method for removal of chemical biological and physical impurities. The functioning of the systems is based on the phenomenon of Reverse Osmosis. The process of osmosis is reversed with the help of externally applied pressure and raw water is allowed to pass through the semi permeable membrane to obtain pure water on the other side of the membrane. This process can be used for filtration of all types of impurities from water and further disinfection of water.

RO Systems for Drinking Water

We have a complete range of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification systems to make water portable and fit for drinking. These help in removal of all chemical as well as biological impurities.


Sand Filter

Carbon Filter

Micron Filter (2)

RO membrane

Post Carbon Filter Automatic System with Online TDS and Flow monitor.


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