Auto Chlorination Systems

About the Solution

In India most of the gas chlorination systems used are manually operated. And hence there is no provision of proper control over the dosing of chlorine gas. These manually operated systems are prone to accidents and leakages.

Hence Rite Water Solutions in association with Siemens Water Technologies provides a fully automatic and safe system for chlorine dosing.


High accuracy vaccum based Gas Chlorinator

PLC control to control dosing based on ppm level of treated water

Automatic switchover module from empty to standby gas supplies

Chlorine analyzer to monitor continuously the ppm level of chlorinated water

Gas detection system with alarm system to detect chlorine gas leakage

Ultrasonic flow transmitter

Fully automatic gas chlorination system have many added advantages over the manual chlorination systems. This system is an ideal solution for WTP/ETP/STPs looking for accuracy and consistency in chlorine dosing and at the same time requiring high safety standards for gas handling.

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