Rite Water Solar Pumps

Empowering Farmers for a Sustainable Future


Rite Water Solutions is at the forefront of providing sustainable water solutions, with a strong commitment towards enhancing the livelihoods of farmers. Our latest initiative under the PM KUSUM scheme introduces Solar Irrigation Pumps designed specifically to meet the irrigation needs of the farming community. A step towards fulfilling farmers dream and prime minister’s vision.

Impact on Farmers

The introduction of solar pumps can revolutionize farming practices, ensuring reliable access to water for irrigation and reducing the dependence on erratic monsoon rains and costly diesel pumps. This reliable access to water can transform the lives of farmers, providing a consistent and sustainable solution for their irrigation needs.

Income Improvement

Solar pumps not only offer a sustainable solution to irrigation but also present an opportunity for farmers to increase their crop yield. With an efficient and reliable water source, farmers can cultivate throughout the year, leading to an increase in production and subsequently, an improvement in income and economic

Quality of Rite Water Solar Pumps

Rite Water Solar Pumps stand out in the market for their superior efficiency and durability. Our pumps promise a higher yield compared to other products available in the market. This higher efficiency can significantly improve the quantity and quality of farm yields, further enhancing farmers’ livelihoods.


The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s PM-KUSUM scheme is a groundbreaking initiative, aiming to install subsidized solar pumps and distributed solar power plants nationwide, benefitting over 3.5 million Indian farmers. Recognized as an empanelled agency under PM-KUSUM, Rite Water takes pride in supporting farmers in remote areas, ensuring reliable irrigation and a consistent income through clean energy solutions. This strategic collaboration contributes to sustainable agriculture practices and addresses energy needs in even the most remote corners of the country.

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5 years

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Improving farmers income

Rite Water solar water pumps are revolutionizing agriculture by boosting farmers’ income and decreasing reliance on conventional electricity. This transformative technology harnesses solar energy to efficiently power water pumps, enabling farmers to irrigate their fields consistently, enhance crop yields, and achieve financial stability while contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly farming ecosystem.

About Rite Water

Rite Water Solutions is a young and dynamic social enterprise with a strong commitment to creating a significant impact in the realm of clean water access in rural and remote areas of India. Since our inception, we have successfully deployed our innovative water solutions across 5,000 villages, positively impacting countless lives in the process. Our ambition does not stop there. With planned expansions and a robust deployment strategy, we aim to reach more than 20,000 villages in the next year, further broadening our impact, and ensuring that more communities have access to clean drinking water. In our continuous quest to enhance the quality of life in rural India, we have now forayed into the domain of sustainable agriculture solutions. Our latest offering is solar pumps for small and marginal farmers under the PM KUSUM scheme. By leveraging sustainable energy solutions, we aim to revolutionize farming practices and contribute to income stability for farmers. Our solar pump initiative aligns perfectly with our broader mission to empower rural communities and address some of the most pressing challenges they face. Through the solar pump initiative, Rite Water has set an ambitious goal to positively impact the lives of 25,000 small and marginal farmers by 2025. Our mission is to significantly enhance their economic stability by providing a solution that directly contributes to improved farm productivity and, consequently, increased income. As we embark on this new journey, we look forward to creating a significant and lasting impact in the lives of those farming communities that form the backbone of our country’s economy. And we believe that with Shri Nana Patekar ji as our brand ambassador, we can amplify our impact and reach those who need us the most. We extend a warm and sincere invitation to Shri Nana Patekar ji, to join us as the brand ambassador for Rite Water Solar Pumps. By doing so, he can become a key advocate for a sustainable and prosperous future for India’s farmers.

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